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Fans, Players, and Food

The New York Rangers

Web Videos

The Brief

Create feature stories about Rangers players and fans.

The Idea

Film interviews with players and fans at events, games, and practice.

Creative Note

Preparing and conducting interviews for these online feature videos was a big part of my job at Madison Square Garden. This let me use my improv skills to think on my feet, get positive performances from my subjects, and find great b-roll. The third video was a series on restaurants in NYC, where I worked closely with the host to generate sharp questions for our guests.


Unfortunately, these videos were taken down, and I don’t have copies of them because of proprietary rights.

Chase Unlocked - Jean Ratelle Night

Chase Unlocked Primary.png

Video Removed by Client

Square Space "Make It" - Chris Kreider

SquareSpace Primary.png

Video Removed by Client

New York Eats by Imperial Dade - Colton Orr

New York Eats 2.png

Video Removed by Client


Executive Creative Director

Director of Digital Production


Brad Engle

Alonso Davila

Jared Siegel

Jalbert Productions &

The Creative Shoppe

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