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Brad40Polaroid 2 copy.jpg

Current Location: New York City


Home State: Delaware


Current State: Positive


Favorite Sports Teams: Philadelphia

Creative Influences: Julia Cameron, Paul Arden, U2, Blue Man Group, ASSSSCAT, The State

Hobbies: Cooking, HiFi Audio, Typewriters, Polaroid Photography, SkiingTennis, Lacrosse, Discussing Star Wars

Writing an about me is difficult. There are a million things I could say and ways to say it. I can try the quirky approach: Hi, I’m Brad and I love pickles! The desperate approach: Look man, just hire me, I’ll do anything… ANYTHING. The confident approach: Hire me. The confident, but offensive approach: Hire me @%#! Of course, there is also the ChatGPT approach, but that’s cheating.


Maybe I’ll just go with the honest approach.


I genuinely love advertising. You get to help businesses and be creative all day. What’s a better job than that? My background (and passions) are in theatre, business, improv comedy, sketch comedy, and film. I started out doing traditional advertising at Grey and have spent the past few years immersed in digital advertising at Organic. I’ve written national TV commercials and fretted about what to say on a call to action for an email. No detail is too small and I’ve learned that details really make the difference between good work and great work.


Right now, I’m looking for people who want to create smart, funny, or even heartbreaking ads.  I just spent the latter half of 2022 taking film classes at The School of Visual Arts and I’d love to use those skills too, even if it’s just for concepting. Collaboration is probably my favorite part of the process and that extends to everyone who touches a piece of work. I can get passionate and excited about an ad, but I try to stay grounded and cool. The bottom line is that I want to do outstanding work with people who want to do the same.


So that’s it for now. I do love pickles, especially after a good
@%$% sandwich.

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